Kamis, Juli 9

Happy birthday, Liza from Nguyen Cong Danh

On my birthday, maybe a special greeting for me came from Danh, my chatmate from Vietnam. Not only by sending me an e-card, but he also sent me an sms, and u know? I found something different, something made me proud of being an Indonesian. Whats thats? he wrote on it "Selamat Ulang Tahun :-)" in Bahasa, not English.

Well, actually I my self have ever asked him about Vietnames languange, long time ago.. maybe 3-4 years ago. i asked to him like maybe what would we say in Vietnames to tell Mom, Dad, Thanks, Love, Happy Birthday... And then he asked the same thing too. But I never realized that he was so serious wanna learn about Bahasa and still remember about that words in Indonesian.

And below, an e-card from him... a simple one but becomes a special one coz it from him.

A Greeting card for Liza from Nguyen Cong Danh

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